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Ganesh Utsav – Transforming Changes and A New Beginning in Vadodara

As the ten day long Ganpati festival is being celebrated in many parts of the country, the fervor, festivity and mood of celebration can be felt on the streets and chowks of Vadodara. Like the other Hindu festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi also has religious significance and ancient roots. What is special about Ganesh utsav however is its linkages with our recorded history. Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj initiated collective celebrations to promote culture and unity. It continued during the Maratha rule as Lord

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In defense of lateral-entry

Recently, the decision of Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) to come out with an advertisement for lateral entry to joint secretary positions in Government of India has generated a lot of debate and controversy. However, the idea of lateral entry into civil service is not entirely new in India. In the past, domain experts have been brought in from outside the services to head various departments and organizations be it technocrats like V. Krishnamurthy, R.V. Shahi and Nandan Nilekani,

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बरसात किसी रूत या मौसम का नाम नही है, तेरी आरज़ू की तड़प है बरसात बेचैनी है तुझे पाने की, तेरी रिमझिम बरसती याद है ये भीगा मौसम तेरे लम्स की गरमी की तरह ये काली घटा कि तूने बाल खोल दियें हों जैसे जो मैं कह न सका, जो तुम बता न सकी उन सब अनकही बातों का एहसास है, तेरे बिना जो गुज़रे उन तन्हा पलों का ख़ालीपन है बरसात, तेरे तसव्वुर का दूसरा नाम है ।

Raazi: A spy story told in a sensitive way

What do you do, when choice you make lead you into traumatic emotional conflicts? What do you do, when you find yourself robbed of humanity in the course of the war you’re waging for your country? What do you do when pursuing your goal, you come face to face with the brutal choices of ‘kill or die’ and stark duplicity of your life? Raazi is not only an extraordinary spy tale full of thrills and intrigues but also examines the

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यादों का सफर

Another year has gone by and a new year is before us. As old times end and new times come we remember, we cherish, we repent and we hope for a better year ahead. Sometimes though we tend to hold on to past and find it difficult to let go. On other occasions, we try to escape from reality. Perhaps, it would be better to move on and accept life as it comes.
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Future of our environment is riding on two wheels!

Last week we saw ‘The Great Derangement’ of our times (to quote Amitav Ghosh) on the issue of environment when world’s most prosperous and supposedly most modern economy reneged on its commitment towards climate change. India, however, has demonstrated its willingness to contribute towards clean energy revolution by not only sticking to Paris Agreement but also going ‘above and beyond’ it. In a way it is in our civilisational DNA. The Indian outlook has been global and Indian ecological thought

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On Ram Navami: what we could imbibe from Ram

In every culture, there are heroes, mythical figures, divine beings who inform the collective conscience of the nation and represent its ‘civilizational values’. Lord Ram and Krishna though considered divine reincarnation of God are also the figures in Indian society who have a defining presence in terms of influencing our values and morals since ages. What we grasp from their character and conduct however is also dependent on how you view their story. For example, the popular idiom in which

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Poems on a Canvas: ‘Beach Bard’ in search of identity

Unwrapping a painting, capturing it into your eyes, dissecting it stroke by stroke, colour by colour, every inch of the canvas – reading Derek Walcott’s poems is a lingering joy. No wonder, his early ambition and training was in painting. Every word of his poems holds your hand and takes you along with this much-travelled man, to his journeys and tours. His poems packed with the fragrance of culture and history, are informative and imaginative at the same time.

ये मसाइले तसव्वुफ ये तेरा बयान गालिब

Ghalib is to Urdu, what Shakespeare is to English! He is without doubt the most influential and most popular Urdu Shayar and perhaps one of the most important writer of last 500 years in India. कह्ते हैं (और सच भी है ) के गालिब के कलाम में गहराई(depth) भी है और घिराई (range ) भी । उदाहरण के तौर पर- “ है परे सरहद-ए-इदराक से अपना मस्जूद, किब्ले को एह्ल-ए-नज़र किब्ला-नुमा कहते हैं ” ऊपर कहे गये शेर में Sufism

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Inclusive development – going beyond economic reforms to deliver ‘good governance’

Last 25 years of economic reforms have seen the country increasingly embracing the ideal of ‘free enterprise’ and climb down of state machinery from commanding heights to a facilitating and nurturing role.  As more and more reforms are taken up, and measures like demonetization, GST and administrative reforms are discussed and debated, their impact in the long run, on lower quin-tiles of the populace would be of the utmost importance.  The most profound and vital question for the nation would

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