ये मसाइले तसव्वुफ ये तेरा बयान गालिब

Ghalib is to Urdu, what Shakespeare is to English! He is without doubt the most influential and most popular Urdu Shayar and perhaps one of the most important writer of last 500 years in India. कह्ते हैं (और सच भी है ) के गालिब के कलाम में गहराई(depth) भी है और घिराई (range ) भी । उदाहरण के तौर पर- “ है परे सरहद-ए-इदराक से अपना मस्जूद, किब्ले को एह्ल-ए-नज़र किब्ला-नुमा कहते हैं ” ऊपर कहे गये शेर में Sufism

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Inclusive development – going beyond economic reforms to deliver ‘good governance’

Last 25 years of economic reforms have seen the country increasingly embracing the ideal of ‘free enterprise’ and climb down of state machinery from commanding heights to a facilitating and nurturing role.  As more and more reforms are taken up, and measures like demonetization, GST and administrative reforms are discussed and debated, their impact in the long run, on lower quin-tiles of the populace would be of the utmost importance.  The most profound and vital question for the nation would

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